We Help Medical Practices Grow Their Profits

Our medical consulting agency partners with clinicians to increase revenue and convert to cash‑based models

Wondering how to build and scale a million dollar practice without being chained to the insurance companies?

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Scaling your practice through a great team

This five-part course walks you through the process of empowering your team members to become forward-thinking intrapreneurs who optimize every patient interaction.

Our one-on-one strategy session is for healthcare clinicians who need a customized blueprint for maximizing profits.

Cash practice blueprint & coaching program

In these eight training modules, we spell out exactly how to scale your business and increase your revenue by up to 300%.

Private Medical Practice Developers’ Most In-Demand Programs

Are you ready to realize the full potential of your healthcare practice? We’ll show you exactly how to streamline processes, empower team members, and skyrocket your revenue. We’ll also walk you step by step through the process of converting some or all of your practice to a cash-based model, integrating new service offerings, or elevating your practice to the next level.

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CO-FOUNDER, Private Medical Practice Developers

“Putting patients AND clinicians first is what we do best.”

At Private Medical Practice Developers, we prioritize patient care and healthcare profits. These aren’t mutually exclusive goals. Rather, transitioning to a partial or total cash-based model allows healthcare practices to put the focus where it belongs—on the patient—while also maximizing profits.

Does this sound like you?

You’re ready. It’s time. Let’s do things differently. Our customizable medical consulting will make you fall in love with medicine all over again.

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Meet our Solution Prescribers

Our clients are Solution Prescribers. They are the experts in their field, and now with the help of Private Medical Practice Developers, they are fully empowered to take their practice to the next level. Explore their success stories below and begin working to build your own success story.

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