Wondering how to build and scale a million dollar practice without being chained to the insurance companies?

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Think You Can’t Build a Cash-Based Practice? Think Again!

At Private Medical Practice Developers, we specialize in taking struggling medical practices and turning them into revenue-generating machines. Our priorities are simple and uncompromising: to empower clinicians to enjoy the healthy profits they deserve while also elevating the standards of patient care. By sidestepping the hassle of insurance company requirements, you can build the practice you’ve been dreaming of since you graduated from med school. Whether you run a med spa, vein center, chiropractic office, functional medicine practice, or any other healthcare facility, we can customize our medical consulting programs to suit your needs and goals.

Our Best Deals on Private Medical Practice Developers’ Programs

When you’re ready to optimize your practice and begin reeling in higher profits, you’re invited to explore our in-demand medical consulting programs and choose what works best for your business.

Scaling Your Practice Through a Great Team

Your team members are the secret to your success. They are your practice’s most important asset. Yet, your human capital can’t perform at their best unless you empower them with the intrapreneurial tools they need to help your business thrive and scale. In this five-part course, you’re going to discover how to maximize your results from your team by helping them reach their full potential. Learn how to help your team:

One-on-One Strategy Session to Grow and Scale Your Cash-Based Practice

You want to grow your business, but you aren’t quite sure what you should change or how to go about doing it. This one-on-one strategy session is for you. It’s a fully customized session during which we’ll identify all of the improvable issues in your practice. We’ll analyze your services and develop offerings designed to enhance each patient’s average spend at your practice. We’ll also engineer streamlined processes that will turn your business into a revenue-generating machine. Then, we’ll develop a clear, actionable blueprint that will enable you to dramatically scale your business and see record profits. Ready to get started?

Cash Practice Blueprint and Coaching Program

Every practice owner wants their business to thrive, but figuring out how to do it is tricky. In our Cash Practice Blueprint and Coaching Program, we spell it all out in plain English and give you all the resources and tools you need to grow your revenue by an increase of up to 300%. This program consists of eight training modules that are applicable for both new practice owners and established owners who are ready to scale. By the time you finish the last module, you will: